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Imagine a moonrock in the form of a cones 2 pack. No more sticky grinders, no more messy fingers, and no more rolling sloppy with White Runtz or Pink Runtz

This is the classic cone that you all know and love, but filled with Runtz Flower and coated in 100mg of THCp and finished with 150mg of CBD & CBG Kief.

It’s sure to elevate you to a higher dimension with The Runtz Strains: Pink & White

Cannabinoid Content:

  • 2 x 1.5Gram Caviar Cones filled with Runtz Flower per pack 
  • 2.25 gram Net Weight per joint
  • 300mg Delta-8
  • 100mg THCp
  • 150mg CBD & CBG Kief

Product Details:

2 x 1.5 grams of flower- Pink Runtz or White Runtz
650mg of Delta 8 (Δ8-THC)

100mg THCp
Glass Tip


Burn Time:

Up to 30 mins

Natural hemp wraps are 100% produced from the fibers of the hemp plant. The wrap is strong and sturdy and allows for a perfectly even and slow burn. The wrap is free of any tobacco or artificial flavorings.

Puro Pink Runtz THCa Caviar Cones

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