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Our Story

Blossom Capsules are lovingly created by our small family in Oklahoma. We are Brian and Amber Hallum, owners of a few small businesses.  We started with Higher Health Medical Dispensary at Grand Lake, Oklahoma in 2018.  We found a vibrant passion for helping all people find relief from their daily pains and issues.  

In 2019 we opened our processing lab, H&H Processing, to create cannabis tablets and mushroom capsules.  Both of our brands, Orion Cannabis Tablets, and Blossom Canna Capsules continue to be a huge hit with the local community and in other dispensaries throughout the state of Oklahoma.  


We found that plant medicine worked so well for us and our extended families that we wanted to offer it as an option to everyone so we added this website as a way to reach out and serve others. 

We are located on Monkey Island at Grand Lake, a beautiful tourist destination.  The lake is gorgeous year-round and has a variety of birds, including the white pelican seasonally.  We have lived around the country, including some of the big cities like LA and Chicago.  But this little spot in the midwest feels like home to us while we raise our kids. 

We focus on the safety, cleanliness, and purity of our products. Everything is third-party lab tested and handmade. Your satisfaction is guaranteed. Follow us on social media to learn more about mushrooms and plant medicine!

Brian and Amber Hallum Owners of Higher Health and Blossom Capsules and H&H Processing

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